Environmental Responsibility

tycom recognises its responsibility to minimise any potential adverse environmental impact of our operations and we are committed to upholding our duties to achieve this goal.

This environmental policy forms part of our overall Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

We attempt to keep a pro-active and balanced approach to minimising our effect on the environment, and the company also undertakes the following:

  • Continual improvement of our environmental performance by evaluating where we can improve and minimise our impact on the environment.
  • The reduction of waste wherever possible.
  • The active promotion of recycling throughout the organisation.
  • An attempt to raise environmental awareness throughout the company and ensuring excessive energy use is eradicated.
  • Creating a culture in which the environment is actively considered throughout the organisation and pro-actively encourage environmental considerations with our clients, suppliers, partners and the community.

As an example of the above, we are actively involved with the Trees for Life Foundation which seeks to promote the restoration of the Caledonian Forest. The Trees for Life Foundation has planted over 800,000 trees since 1998 and we are proud to be involved with this organisation.

In addition we have also helped out with their IT systems and made donations towards the purchase of the Dundreggan estate. Trees for Life may be found at http://www.treesforlife.org.uk.