Tycom Limited. has its origins as Tyseal Computers Limited in 1976, part of the Tyseal group of companies, based in Aberdeen and managed by Brian West and Alistair Findlater (ex British Olivetti selling on behalf of Kienzle, a German manufacturer).

With the introduction of PCs in the early 1980's the company began to sell Sharp, Canon, Apricot and Padmede (Financial and Accounting Software) and launched it's own Integrity Plus software in 1984.

In 1989, Brian West and Alistair Findlater acquired 100% of the shares in the Tyseal business eventually incorporating Ty-com Business Systems Ltd. in 1992. By this time the company had developed and introduced its FoxPro Garage and Mailroom software solutions.

At the time of the company’s incorporation in 1992, Brian West sold his shares to Alistair Findlater who became the principal shareholder with James Copland and Isobel Corsar holding minority equity positions.

In the late 1990's tycom developed the probity® software system, at the same time defining its own standards for software, procedures and hardware as a differentiator that would lead to increased maintenance and support revenues. Also at this time the company started concentrating on Microsoft products and services as well as focussing on Compaq Servers and then latterly HP when Compaq was acquired by HP.

Over the ensuing period a number of additional software products were rolled out as well as technical skills and partnerships being introduced and enhanced including:

  • 1999 Microsoft Partner
  • 2000 Development and launch of probity®
  • 2003 Development and launch of capability core®
  • 2004 HP Partner
    CommVault Partner
    Development and launch of CLARE call logging software
  • 2005 Citrix ISV Partner
    Development and launch of prosperity®
  • 2006 Additional offices established in Dunfermline and Glasgow to complement the existing presence in Aberdeen.
  • 2007 Citrix Silver Partner
    Development and launch of Visibility
  • 2008 Microsoft Gold Partner
    VMware Partner
    HP Preferred partner
  • 2009 Commvault Platinum CASP Partner
    HR and Recruitment modules for probity® developed
  • 2010 Launched Unity Platform and Web Capability Core

tycom continues to be based in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dunfermline, with easy access to the motorway network and at the heart of the predominantly regional client base. The company employs a staff of between 35 and 40 people, forecasts revenues for the current year in excess of £3.5million.