Human Resources

tycom HR is a simple, easy to access yet powerful software tool which is designed to allow easy access to all your employee information. The comprehensive software ensures that all your employee information is held accurately in a single location.

Employees are one of your companies most important and utilised assets.

Using our software will allow your knowledge of your employees to be clearly defined in an accurate and easily accessible format.

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Benefits & Features

tycom HR covers the following areas:-

  • Personal Details
  • Next of Kin/Emergency Contact details
  • Current Employment Details
  • Employment History
  • Passport, Training and Medicals
  • Tracking Analysis to record exceptions including absence, training days and business trips complete with calendar display
  • Document Store to record all communication with employee and important documents
  • Flexible reporting to spreadsheet or crystal reports

The Recruitment module includes vacancy creation, tracking applicants, interview details, future project recruitment and all correspondence with the applicant. The HR module integrates with the Payroll software.


tycom HR is a simple yet powerful software tool designed to manage key personnel data and provides fast and easy access to information across the employee’s lifecycle with your organisation.

Secure management of employee information will help to improve data consistency and accuracy across the HR and Recruitment process. Employees can access their own information via a web portal.

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