SBRC – Scottish Business Resilience Centre

What is the SBRC? 


The vision of the SBRC is stated as follows on their website: 


“SBRC is a not-for-profit and a respected voice in business resilience, bringing together the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, and the Scottish business community. The vision of SBRC is to become the catalyst that makes Scotland one of the safest and most resilient places to live, work, and do business, both on and offline, especially during these times of economic recovery” 


This means that they are ideally placed to help your organisation protect itself from the “unsavoury” elements that are lurking on the internet. 


The SBRC’s stated intention is to ensure that “every Scottish organisation has the skills and knowledge to protect themselves against online attacks.”  They do this through the delivery of education and preventative training, as well as actively raising awareness of threats throughout the business community. 


They have various membership options that would help your organisations to prevent cyber-attacks. More details on this can be found here: 


The SBRC also run “Exercise in a Box.” This is a free 90-minute non-technical workshop which helps organisations to find out how resilient they are to cyber-attacks, and to practise the response in a safe environment. The exercises recreate real world business scenarios with probing questions attached to each scenario. They include everything you need to setup, plan, deliver, and carry out post-exercise activities all in one place. Practical free workshops are available for this as well. More information on this can be found here:


The SBRC also provide Skill & Education help in the following two areas:


  • Cyber Executive Education 
  • Ethical Hacking 


They also offer a range of business resilience service as follows: 


  • Physical security – buildings, property, and people 
  • Managing incidents, issues, and risks 
  • Counter Terro advice 
  • Protest activity 
  • Insider threat 
  • Lone working and personal safety 
  • Anti-money laundering 
  • Human trafficking 
  • Dealing with vulnerable customers 


The SBRC is a great resource that is available for your company to use.