Network Admin


One of our highly skilled and certified Network Administrators will be assigned to proactively manage and maintain the integrity of your business computer systems. Your Network Administrator will be responsible for the following:

  • Proactive Onsite Visits: Your designated Network Administrator will make a regularly scheduled visit to your site to ensure best practices are being enforced and make sure everything is running smoothly. Your company can also use this time to discuss problem areas that may need to be addressed with your Network Administrator.


  • Maintaining Network Infrastructure and System Software: It is critical that your key software and hardware stay up to date to ensure optimal functionality, security and uptime. Your Network Administrator will keep close tabs on the status of hardware and software in your network and will coordinate updates and upgrades strategically with your team.


  • Ensuring Best Practice Implementation and Adherence: In a network environment, there really is a best way to ensure security and uptime. Our team will work together to implement a strategy that fits the needs of your business while adhering to our best practice standards. Once in place, we will consistently review best practices to make sure they are consistently being followed and producing the desired results for your business.


  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing: Disaster recovery planning is critical to any business environment. Your vCIO will identify key areas that must be protected on your network and your Network Administrator will build you a custom plan before a disaster occurs. Your Network Administrator will make sure a plan is in place and conduct testing to make sure the plan we implement is effective.


  • IT Documentation Management: Detailed documentation is key to smooth IT operations. Whether it is planning for a new project or addressing a critical problem, having up to date documentation will save you time and money. When you partner with Tycom, your Network Administrator will ensure system documentation detailing the specifics of your network is kept fully up to date.