Software Services

We have been developing our own software for over 25 years which has given us a proven track record in providing tailored packages that meets our client’s needs. This is backed up with our after sales support based around a company culture of customer care.

From small organizations to multi-national corporations we provide high quality software systems in a variety of core business areas. Our aim is to provide products which meet the demanding criteria of today’s business world. Our knowledge base is extensive and we follow industry best practice when developing all of our products.

Our software support contracts are underpinned by flexible and tailored Service Level Agreement's reflecting business requirements. Our software support clients have the facility to view the status of support calls logged via our web site, by email or using the telephone, supporting good lines of communication between both parties.

Human Resources

tycom HR is a simple, easy to access yet powerful software tool which is designed to allow easy access to all your employee information. The comprehensive software ensures that all your employee information is held accurately in a single location.

Bureau Payroll

tycom Bureau Payroll provides an accurate and precise way to administer payroll to any number of companies.
Our Bureau Payroll puts you in control with easy to use, reliable software that maintains all statutory regulations in order to maintain compliance with current legislation.

Bespoke Software Development

Every business is different. What is required to satisfy customers, streamline processes and maintain a competitive edge varies greatly from company to company. A unique set of requirements requires a custom written (bespoke) software solution.

Customer Relationship Management

The heart of a progressive business is excellent communication. Finding the ideal business strategy which embraces all client facing communication.

Whether you are looking to find new business opportunities or nurture your existing client base.

Our CRM works with all your client facing departments to organise, synchronise and automate the business process.

Stock Control & Financials

Our Stock Control and Financials software, is software designed specifically with the industry in mind.

Written by our team of software developers, the application is written using Microsoft tools, allowing for seamless integration with other object oriented business tools and Microsoft’s own technologies.

Competence Assurance

capability core® is an electronic portfolio of your workforce proving their training and competence.
capability core® enables the complete manageability of your staff training competency through intuitive simple software that provides reporting, auditing and time saving procedures.
Using our competence software your staff competency will be clearly defined. With self service access your staff will be part of the communication process.