Bureau Payroll

tycom Bureau Payroll provides an accurate and precise way to administer payroll to any number of companies.

Our Bureau Payroll puts you in control with easy to use, reliable software that maintains all statutory regulations in order to maintain compliance with current legislation.

Using our software will provide a complete Payroll solution for your clients including On-line filing and Payroll Reporting.

Benefits & Features

Our payroll software can handle unlimited organisations, departments, sections and employees with the ability to run weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly and monthly. Various features which are available are as follows:-

  • Default pay structure per Organisation and Job Title and automatic update of rates.
  • Details of Funds Available for each Organisation
  • Pension & Benefit calculations and payments to third parties
  • BACS payment methods for net pay and HMRC Payments (linking directly with your banking software)
  • Absence recording – statutory (SMP, SSP, SAP and SPP) and non-statutory (holidays, compassionate leave)

Flexible reporting is an integral part of the system and covers the following areas:-

  • General Ledger Analysis per Organisation, Department
  • Absence Calendar
  • Reprinting of reports and payslips at any time
  • Customisable reports
  • Comprehensive historical records for each employee

Easy to follow process for carrying out the following tasks:-

  • Calculation of statutory payments
  • Emailing of payslips
  • Hypothetical tax for overseas employees
  • Calculators and Checkers; Net to Gross, P45, P60
  • Arrestments, Attachment of Earnings Orders
  • Online EOY Returns and In Year Movements (P45, P46)

Links to other Microsoft applications


Our Bureau Payroll can greatly simplify the process of managing the payroll for any number of companies and therefore reducing the time and amount of personnel required to manage the system.