Google Android Privacy

As the biggest search engine provider, and developer of the most used web browser and mobile operating system, it is no shock that Google make money through your data, browsing habits and advertising. What may be surprising is the fact they are moving to protect end users and their data more in Chrome and Android OS. 


While Apple have already implemented tracking permission requests for apps in the app store, Google had not forced this on their developer community until now. In a bid to protect end user data, application and browsing history, Google are rolling out their Privacy Sandbox to Chrome and extending this to Android Apps. This affects targeted advertising, so if you have ever searched for an item then found it appearing in your Facebook feed you now know why – it is common practise to use tracking cookies to tailor advertising. 


Chrome browser will phase out third-party tracking cookies by 2023, with the application tracking within 2 years, until a more secure system can be agreed and implemented with developers.  


It is a step in the right direction and will take time to implement, but it will massively reduce the potential for covert data collection securing your data and devices.