How Things Have Changed In 16 Months

When the Prime Minister announced that the UK would go into lockdown on the 23rd of March 2020, few of us could have predicted how our lives and businesses would change. The whole world now looks very different from every possible angle.  


Technology has certainly been at the front and centre of that seismic change, we have all embraced technological change in our personal and business lives, whether that be working from home, home schooling, communicating with loved ones, communication with customers, digitally promoting our businesses,  shopping habits, cybercrime etc, the list is endless. 


As we now enjoy a little sunshine and as we hopefully start to see the easing of COVID-19 restrictions we thought now was a good time to recap some of the important topics that we have covered over the past 16 months:


  • Tycom Cybersecurity Guidance for Remote Working.
  • Tycom Introduction to Microsoft Teams.
  • Returning to the office Post COVID-19.
  • Password Security.
  • What is UK Cyber Essentials?
  • Tycom Ubiquity Email Security.
  • The Evolution Of Cyber Crime.
  • The importance of Disaster Recovery.
  • Why Cyber insurance is key to your business.


At Tycom we are so pleased to see how many of our clients have embraced the advice given in the above articles, however we can’t rest on our laurels, we all still have work to do. 


As we move into the next phase of the global recovery, many of our clients have begun their journey of obtaining formal UK Cyber Essentials certification in the understanding that the world has changed forever and so has the way that they will conduct their business activities. 


COVID-19 has accelerated changes in cyber security by at least 5 years, the Internet is a far darker place now than it was back in March 2020. We have been absolutely staggered by the depths that some cyber criminals have stooped to over the past 16 months.  


Over the next couple of months, Tycom shall be setting out your individual business steps and requirements towards achieving formal cyber security compliance and certification.


In the digital world prevention is always better than cure, and with that being said our strategic aim is to have all of our Ubiquity Managed Service customers achieve UK Cyber Essentials certification by the end of 2021.