Microsoft Loop

Loop is Microsoft’s new Office-friendly app for project management and collaboration. With the rise of hybrid working, Microsoft has continued to find new ways to improve the user experience by offering a new and highly integrated virtual workplace. Loop is one of the tools that Microsoft is rolling out, aimed at reimagining how people collaborate. 


Microsoft Loop, as Microsoft describes, “combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and sync across apps”. This means your workforce can organise all it needs for a project into a central workplace and complete the work within chat, meetings, or documents using Loop, collaborating beyond the confines of the office.  


Microsoft Loop is made up of three main features: 

  • Components is an incredibly useful tool that allows users to collaborate in real-time. Employees can work on documents together at the same time, the work will be updated live and synchronised across multiple Microsoft Apps including Teams, Outlook, Word, Pages and more. With Components, a workforce can work together on lists, tables, notes, or even a customer sales opportunity from Dynamics 365 in a Teams chat, email, meeting or documents. 


  • Pages are described by Microsoft as ‘flexible canvases’ where users can share and collaborate on Loop Components, pulling in helpful elements like files, links or data. Users can type and edit each other’s text, react to work and more. The interface essentially acts as a whiteboard where you can insert your Components and work on them in one place, wherever you are.


  • Workspaces gives Pages and Components a home. It offers an area where people can check progress on their shared work in a singular project hub. Workspaces makes it easy for you to check-in and see what everyone is working on, react to people’s ideas and work, and track your team’s progress. 


Check out this link to see how Microsoft Office is changing: Microsoft Loop Introduction and Overview – Ignite 2021 – YouTube