Microsoft Training Resources

Microsoft Office is the global leader in market share for the home and corporate Office software suite. With a Microsoft 365 Subscription your software never goes out of date, bringing new features and styles. Whether new to Microsoft Office, or looking to use features you haven’t before, Microsoft have lots of great quick start guides and how-to training available online.


Microsoft 365 Training can help quickly show you how to do basic functions through quick start guides or learn keyboard shortcuts for a more experienced user wanting to speed up workflow.

There are guides covering all the Microsoft 365 products, so even if you are expert with Office but new to Teams or Sharepoint there is something for you on their training portal.

The default training homepage has easily accessible links to the different products depending on your training needs and can be found at this link:


If you are looking for simple, easy printable cheat sheets you can follow this link:


There are good video based Quick Start guides available showing you the process for doing basic functions for the different products here:


If you feel you need further instructor led training on any of the Microsoft products please get in touch with us and we can assist.