SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online through your Microsoft 365 subscription give the ability to quickly access, edit and share your files and documents securely on any device. It allows collaboration between colleagues, clients and suppliers securely without access to your internal systems and across hardware and software platforms. Embrace the Digital Transformation, simplify and secure your data access and collaboration whilst bringing your working practises up to date. 

With the current remote working preference due to Covid-19 many businesses have had to re-evaluate their remote working practises to allow staff and colleagues to access and collaborate on business data across in an effective (both cost and procedural) manner. Whilst utilising remote access solutions to access the corporate network is effective – especially when applications and databases are required; it can be expensive due to licencing, internet bandwidth and hardware requirements.  SharePoint can help with your Work-From-Anywhere initiative, where effective file sharing and collaboration is a priority across swathes of device types, makes models then SharePoint should be a serious consideration. SharePoint online is included with a majority of Microsoft 365 products and allows easy access to collaboration sites where you can share, access and manage your data easily from anywhere. SharePoint sites are more than just data storage though – it is a full collaboration site with the ability to have news updates relating to the site – share thoughts, notes, calendars etc. 

SharePoint can be used in its most basic form to replace your standard “shared data” repository from a network. A single SharePoint site would allow an existing folder and file structure to be uploaded, accessed by an entire company (or specific users) from anywhere through a supported internet browser regardless of whether the device is a tablet, PC, laptop, phone and using any operating system – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.  Accessing through the web portal allows files to be “checked out” to be worked on by a single user using the desktop applications like Word, Excel etc – or for Microsoft Office application they can be opened within the browser and edited online allowing multiple people to work on a document or file at one time seeing changes in real-time.  

But a migration or implementation to SharePoint can be used as a change to secure and granularize your data structure. Although possible to mimic folder permissions used on an existing data structure, you have the ability to create and manage smaller sub-sites for different purposes, departments, projects etc allowing increased control of security, visibility and organisation of your data. Instead of simply locking down an HR folder (or any departmental fold) as you may do in a current shared data folder structure, you can move it to a dedicated HR SharePoint site and only allow the specified users access – secure and tidies the shared space structure. These sites are easy to manage, permissions can be granted to group and can be managed by Tycom or a local administrator within the company. 

SharePoint sites can be created and used where 3rd party access is required too, e.g. a project site with contractors – with access being granted and removed when no longer required. A project site can be used to hold documents for collaboration, inform everyone about changes / timelines / utilise message boards etc – these sites are great for collaboration.