Tycom Change Request Portal

This page provides instructions on how to access and log an authorised change request for any relevant company changes. This includes, but is not limited to, new users, policy changes, mailbox memberships, access rights, file restores etc.

No request for changes will be actioned unless logged in this manner. This is to improve traceability and improve security.


The change request portal can be found on our website:

Navigate to our website at www.tycom.co.uk, hover over the Support Portal and select Client Login. See screenshot below:



Login to the portal:

You can access the portal by logging in with your authorised credentials. The login page will look like the screenshot below. You will need to ensure you have your authenticator Application handy as you will be required to verify your device. Access details will be provided to your designated company contact by your vCIO. If you have forgotten your password, please use the forgotten password feature. If you do not have access, or are uncertain whom has access, please contact your designated vCIO for further details if required.



How to log a Change Request:

You can log Change Requests by choosing the appropriate option from the selections offered on the Portal Home Page:



Please select the Change Request – General for any requests that are not User or Firewall related.


Once you have selected an option, you will be presented with the screen to write your request. Please give as much details as possible, and a date you require for this to be actioned. Please see an example below:



After choosing submit request, you will return to the main screen and will receive a message confirming that this has been logged.



Please note that the system knows it is you who have requested this change, and as you are an authorised person in your organisation, then this change request will be actioned on your authorisation therefore please do not ask for changes unless you are absolutely certain that you want these changes to be enacted.


This will then create a ticket in our system, and the team will action your request at the required date. Please don’t log a separate call.


Please note – the other two Change Request screens are as follows: